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Joshua Long

Joshua Long
Joshua Shane Long, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
  • College
    College of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Department
    School of Criminology and Justice Studies
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    Health and Social Sciences Building - 467
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Risk Assessment, Prison Classification, Correctional Officer Training, Restrictive Housing, Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Research Interests

Prison Management Policies, Program Evaluations, International Correctional Policies, Child Abuse and Neglect


  • Ph.D.: Criminal Justice, (2020), University of Cincinnati
  • Graduate Certificate: Applied Behavioral Analysis, (2015), University of Cincinnati
  • MS: Criminal Justice: (2014), University of Cincinnati
  • BS: Criminal Justice: (2011), University of Cincinnati

Selected Publications

Long, J. S., Sullivan, C., Wooldredge, J., Pompoco, A., & Lugo, M. (2018). Matching needs to services: Prison treatment program allocations, Criminal Justice and Behavior, 46(5), 674-696. 

Long., J. & Sullivan, C. S. (2017). Learning more from evaluation of justice interventions: Further consideration of theoretical mechanisms in juvenile drug courts, Crime and Delinquency, 63(9), 1091-1115. 

Latessa, E. J., Lux, J. L., Lugo, M. & Long, J. (2016). Examining the Validity and Reliability of the Ohio Risk Assessment System: Final Report. Technical Report. University of Cincinnati.

Selected Presentations

Long, J., Wooldredge, J., Cochran, J., & Anderson, C. (2019) Assessing the Collateral Impacts of a Restrictive Housing Stay, American Society of Criminology 75th Annual Meeting. 

Long, J., Cochran, J., & Wooldredge, J. (2018) Implications of Local Jail Usage for Sentencing Decisions, American Society of Criminology 74th Annual Meeting. 

Long, J. (2018) Prison Treatment Allocation: Matching Needs to Services, Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Annual Meeting. 

Long, J. S. (2017) Severe Drug Use Disorder Among Prison Inmates: Prevalence, the Risk for Misconduct, and Participation in Treatment, American Society of Criminology 73rd Annual Meeting. 

Lugo, M. Long, J., Sullivan, C. & Sullivan C. (2016) Does Support for the OYAS Encourage Integrity in the Assessment Process? American Society of Criminology 72nd Annual Meeting. 

Long, J. (2016) Efficacy of Theoretical Mechanisms in Juvenile Drug Courts, Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Annual Meeting.