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Criminology and Justice Studies

Sex Offender Housing Policies, Residential Locations, and Recidivistic Sex Crimes

Kelly M. Socia, Ph.D.

This is a series of individual studies that examine sex offender housing policies such as residence restrictions, how they influence sex offender spatial clustering and movement, and how this clustering/movement is in turn related (or unrelated) to recidivistic sex crime rates.  The early studies from this project have focused on upstate New York, but in the future I hope to expand to other areas around the U.S.  The methods used in these studies vary, and include multivariate regression models, cross-sectional time-series models, and ANOVA analyses. The results of these studies will hopefully influence more effective post-release policies concerning sex offenders.  Some of these results have been published in journals such as Crime and Delinquency; Criminal Justice Policy Review; Criminology & Public Policy; and Sex Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment.