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Graphic Design

The Graphic Design concentration at UMass Lowell provides students with the education they need to be successful professionals in the field of Graphic Design.

B.F.A. with Concentration in Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Through a rigorous competence-building sequence of core courses (Graphic Design I,II,III and Typography I,II,III) students learn the fundamentals of design as well as a wide variety of skills such as team building, critical thinking and problem-solving, which are necessary to succeed in the field. They also gain competences in public speaking and writing. In addition, they learn how to continually adapt to new technology. 

Assignments focus on Graphic Design systems, Graphic Design in context and professional practice. In addition to these core courses students can take advantage of courses in web design, motion graphics, animation, interactive design and advanced independent studies. 

Graphic Design

The final year, students focus on their capstone project. The Senior Studio project is a year-long exploration where students develop their online portfolio, resume and create a self-directed project that reflects their talent and skills. 

High quality professors, rigorous and relevant curriculum and state-of-the art facilities create an environment that produces excellent student achievement. The graphic design concentration at UMass Lowell provides students with the tools necessary to reach their highest potential as designers and to have a successful design career in today’s global world.

Beyond the Classroom

Internships that provide real-world experience are required for all graduates. Study abroad opportunities provide additional learning beyond the classroom.

Professions in Graphic Design

The Graphic Design concentration prepares students for careers in corporate design, brand identity design, web design, user experience, interactive design, app design, book design and package design.