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Art & Design Degrees

The Art Major: B.F.A. in Art


The art major is designed to develop a rigorous art practice. Students gain a deep knowledge of the technical and conceptual abilities needed to succeed in the professional world. The Art & Design Department offers the professional degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.).

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Animation & Interactive Media

The B.F.A. degree prepares students for careers in studio arts and graphic design. Within these disciplines, students may choose to focus on photography, sculpture, painting, ceramics, animation, 3D modeling, drawing, printmaking or interactive digital media.

As part of their education, B.F.A. candidates become fluent in the discourse of their discipline. The rich New England cultural environment offers research possibilities at a long list of highly-regarded academic and artistic institutions. In addition, a broad range of internships and funded community involvement projects add to students’ capacity to become the effective artists, leaders and citizens of tomorrow. Upon graduation from the B.F.A. program, students are prepared to enter their chosen art discipline at a professional level. A high percentage of art graduates have obtained excellent positions in their field.

Once in the professional world, UMass Lowell graduates demonstrate their ability to adjust to changing modes of visual expression in both studio art and graphic design. They excel not only in the area of expertise acquired in their degree, but also in their ability to continually adapt to new technology and embrace the ever-changing developments in art and design.

Graphic Design

Art Minors

In addition to the art major, UMass Lowell students can choose from four art minors:

  • Studio Art (SA), which is designed for students who focus on photo, animation, design or general art studies
  • Art (AR), which is designed for students who focus on painting and sculpture
  • Graphic Design
  • Art History minor description and details of Bachelor of Liberal Arts Art History concentration