American Studies

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Develop into an Original Thinker

Students and scholars in American Studies may ask the following kind of questions:

Through posing and answering these types of questions, students who major in American Studies develop into vigorous original thinkers, sharpening their analytical powers and critical insights. 

Such skills prepare them for employment in education, government, non-profits, law, media, public history, museum studies, libraries, social services, business, and other professions. A degree in American Studies also provides an excellent foundation for those interested in pursuing graduate studies in the humanities, social sciences, and fine arts.

Major and Minor Offered

At UMass Lowell the American Studies Program offers both a major and a minor. It includes faculty from departments such as English, Cultural Studies, History, Psychology, Sociology, and Political Science. 

Moreover, the city of Lowell - with its rich history of literature, emerging technologies, industry, and immigration - provides many unique opportunities for students pursuing a degree in American Studies. The city's many cultural institutions, such as Lowell National Historical Park, offer opportunities for fieldwork, archival research, urban archeology, and internships, while the UMass Lowell's growing commitment to international partnerships will provide opportunities to place American Studies in a global context.