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Gender and Ethnicity

Gender, Ethnicity and Class in American Culture

The following courses are approved for students majoring in American Studies.  Please follow the department links to the undergraduate catalog for course descriptions.

For the latest course information please visit the UMass Lowell online Academic Catalog.  

Legal Studies

41.360 Legal Issues in Racism 

41.381 Women and the Law 

41.385 Immigration Law 


42.235 Writers of the Merrimack Valley 

42.247 Gay/Lesbian Literature 

42.257 The Family in American Literature 

42.276 Irish American Literature 

42.277 Cross-Cultural American Literature 

42.335 American Women Novelists 

42.376 African American Literature 


43.270 Women in American History 

43.274 Native American History

43.275 African American History 

43.313 American Social History

43.345 Slavery and Abolition 

43.355 Jacksonian America

43.359 Early U.S. Political Culture, 1800-1860

43.380 Work and Society

43.391 America and the World 


45.306 Feminist Theory Politics

45.367 Feminism and Liberalism

Political Science

46.220 Intro. to Gender and Politics 

46.225 Gender, Culture and Politics 

46.320 Feminist Political Theory 

46.326 Gender, Law and Politics 

46.349 Politics of Race and Ethnicity 

46.383 Southeast Asians in the U.S. 


47.322 Gender, Work and Family 

47.335 Psychology and Women

47.473 Prejudice Seminar


48.231 Sociology of the Family 

48.234 The Study of Minorities 

48.305 Sociology of Family Law 

48.310 Ethnicity in Massachusetts 

48.355 Urban Sociology

48.370 Women in Society 

48.388 Seminar on Industrial Lowell 


49.302 Labor Economics 

Modern Languages

52.325 Italian American Literature and Culture 

52.335 Cinema and the Italian Americans 

Regional, Economic, and Social Development

57.353 Managing Workplace Diversity 

Cultural Studies

58.340 Women and Art 

59.307 Gender in American Literature and Popular Culture I 

59.308 Gender in American Literature and Popular Culture II 


74.320 African American Concert Music