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Conflict and War

Conflict and War in American Culture

The following courses are approved for students majoring in American Studies.  Please follow the department links to the undergraduate catalog for course descriptions.  

American Studies

40.319  The American West: Myth and Reality (42.319) 

Legal Studies

41.383  Alternative Dispute Resolution 

41.385  Immigration Law 


42.251  War in Literature 

42.311  The South in American Literature 

42.376  African American Literature 


43.242  The Second World War 

43.275  African American History 

43.296  U.S. Diplomatic History 

43.308  Crime and Social Control

43.320  American East Asian Relations 

43.308  History of Crime, Conflict and Social Control in the U.S. 

43.345  Slavery and Abolition 

43.352  The Coming of the American Revolution 

43.353  The American Revolution/Beginnings of Constitutional


43.354  The American Revolution and Social Change 

43.356  Civil War and Reconstruction 

43.357  US Civil War in Memory 

43.380  Work and Society 

43.381  U.S. in the 1960s 

43.382  The American West 

43.384  Radicalism in US History

43.391  America and the World 


45.328  Justice, Trauma, and War

45.332  Cognitive Sources of Conflict 

Political Science

46.340  American Politics and Law 

46.347  Civil Liberties and Civil Rights 

46.349  Politics of Race and Ethnicity 

46.382  The Vietnam War 

46.383  Southeast Asians in the U.S. 

46.390  Defense and Disarmament 

46.397  Politics and Law of Labor 


48.234  The Study of Minorities 

48.352  Sociology of Non-violence 

48.450  Seminar on Peace, Violence and War 

48.466  Seminar in Class, Status and Power 

Regional, Economic, and Social Development

57.511  Dynamics of Power and Authority     (Permission)