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City & Environment

The City, the Environment and Technology in American Culture

The following courses are approved for students majoring in American Studies.  Please follow the department links to the undergraduate catalog for course descriptions.  

For the latest course information please visit the UMass Lowell online Academic Catalog.

Legal Studies

41.367  Environmental Law 


42.383  Literature and Science 


43.308  History of Crime, Conflict and Social Control in the U.S. 

43.316  American Environmental History

43.340  Topics in the History of Science 

43.355  Jacksonian America

43.360  The Gilded Age 

43.383  Technology in American Culture 


45.303  Philosophy and Technology 

45.312  Philosophy of Science 

45.327  Environmental Philosophy 

45.335  Ethical Issues in Technology 

45.344  The Idea of Nature  

45.346  Heidegger and Thoreau: Problem of Ecology  

45.401  Bioethics and Genetics Research 

Political Science

46.350  Urban Politics and Policy 

46.352  Science, Technology and Public Policy 

46.357  American Environmental Policy 


48.331  Sociology of Reproductive Technology 

48.341  Social Stratification 

48.345  Urban Sociology 

48.350  Social Services

48.355 Urban Sociology

48.388  Seminar on Industrial Lowell 


49.315  Introduction to Environmental Economics 

Regional, Economic, and Social Development 

57.218  Regional Health and Environment 

Cultural Studies

58.314 American Architecture

59.111 Foundations in Cultural Studies

59.303  Society and Technology

59.395  Computers in Society 

Environmental Studies

87.111  Environmental Science 

87.326  Introduction to GIS for Sector Applications