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Follow Up With Changes and Event Specifics

You've requested and confirmed the space for your event, but now that you're getting closer to the event date, the details are coming in and you have some changes.

It's important that you stay in communication with Hospitality & Event Services throughout the conclusion of your event to ensure that all of the details are accounted for.

How should I communicate changes?

By this point you have been working with a specific Hospitality & Event Services staff member so continue communicating with them. It's also encouraged to include on your correspondence in case the staff member you are working with is out of the office.

Should I make changes within my space request in Book It?

Absolutely, if you can. For changes to your event NAME, TITLE and DESCRIPTION, you can log back into Book It! and update those yourself. You will need to contact the Hospitality & Event Services Office to edit any other additional fields.

What are the types of details that are important to communicate as soon as possible?

  • Date changes/Rain date consideration
  • Attendance
  • Addition or removal of space used
  • Resource needs (A/V, linens, tables/chairs, etc.)
  • Alcohol request
  • Parking/transportation needs
If at any point you have changes, questions, thoughts, always feel free to contact our staff at Hospitality & Event Services. You can email or call us at 978-934 3888.