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E2LO Overview

Essential Learning Outcomes wheel

The Division of Student Affairs and University Events, in partnership with Academic Affairs, developed the E2LO Initiative to support student attainment of the university’s Essential Learning Outcomes. The goal of this initiative is to build connections between the core outcomes that students achieve in the classroom and events and experiences that take place beyond the classroom.

The E2LO program is voluntary and does not replace the ELO requirement.


The UMass Lowell Core Curriculum weaves seven required Essential Learning Outcomes (ELOs) into every student’s educational experience regardless of major. These concepts learned in the classroom, and activated by applied and experiential learning opportunities outside the classroom, will develop students’ essential intellectual abilities and prepare them to make a difference in the world.

  • Diversity and Cultural Awareness (DCA): Be a thoughtful, aware citizen of the global community.
  • Information Literacy (IL): Find, evaluate, and synthesize information effectively and persuasively.
  • Social Responsibility and Ethics (SRE): Shape the world to improve life in your community and beyond.
  • Written and Oral Communication (WOC): Express ideas to professional peers with purpose and clarity.
  • Quantitative Literacy (QL): Be skilled in the many forms and varieties of numerical analysis.
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving (CTPS): Evaluate ideas and evidence rationally to produce and implement solutions.
  • Applied and Integrative Learning (AIL): Synthesize knowledge and abilities in meaningful practice.

E2LO Events & Experiences

Through participating in the E2LO Initiative, students will have opportunities to build upon what is being learned in the classroom, develop transferable skills, and even earn prizes and rewards, simply by attending events and participating in various experiences with the E2LO designation.

Students may attend E2LO Events & Experiences sponsored by the various departments within the Division of Student Affairs and University Events. As a result, students will able to enrich their learning and develop intellectual skills and abilities that will further prepare them to make a difference in our community and the world.

Student engaging in the E2LO Initiative will be provided extensive opportunities to explore, deepen and enrich their understanding of the ELOs. We promote such learning through Events and Experiences:

  • E2LO Events occur on a one-time basis. The learning objectives for identified E2LO Events compliment the learning outcomes of the seven ELOs.
  • E2LO Experiences occur over the course of a semester, or even the entire academic year. Visit our Experiences page to get a snapshot of all the experiences available to our students!

For questions or program suggestions, please contact us: