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Joyita Dutta

Joyita Dutta is an Assistant Professor in the ECE department in the Francis College of Engineering at UMass Lowell.
Joyita DuttaAssistant Professor
  • College
    Francis College of Engineering
  • Department
    Electrical & Computer Eng
  • Phone
    (978) 934-5879
  • Office
    Ball Hall - 407A
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Research Interests

Signal processing and machine learning techniques for medical imaging and biomedical data science; Multimodality information integration for image reconstruction, processing, and analysis; Application of deep learning to super-resolution imaging and predictive analytics.

Applications to neurology: Tau and amyloid imaging and graph-based brain network analysis for Alzheimer’s disease; Super-resolution imaging using anatomical priors and deep learning. Applications in oncology: Multimodal image segmentation for cancerous lesions using spectral methods and deep learning; Respiratory motion-compensated reconstruction of pulmonary images. Imaging modalities of interest: PET/CT, PET/MRI, CT, MRI, and optical methods.


Joyita Dutta received her B.Tech. (Honors) in Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India, in 2004 and her M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, in 2006 and 2011 respectively. In 2011, she joined Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), Boston, MA, as a Research Fellow where she later became an Instructor. She joined the University of Massachusetts Lowell (UML), Lowell, MA, as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in 2015. She also holds ranks of Instructor at Harvard Medical School and Assistant in Physics at MGH. Her research interests are signal processing and image analysis for medical applications with an emphasis on multimodal information integration for brain and lung imaging applications. In 2013, she received a Young Investigator Award from the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI). She was also a recipient of the SNMMI Mitzi & William Blahd MD Pilot Research Grant (2013-2014), an American Lung Association Senior Research Training Fellowship (2013-2015), and an NIH K01 Mentored Research Scientist Development Award (2015-2020). In 2016, she received the Tracy Lynn Faber Memorial Award for the advancement of women in biomedical sciences from the SNMMI in recognition of her “outstanding contributions in multimodality and molecular image reconstruction and analysis." She also received the 2016 Bruce Hasegawa Young Investigator Medical Imaging Science Award “for contributions to image reconstruction and analysis for molecular and multimodality imaging in the areas of positron emission tomography (PET/CT and PET/MRI) and fluorescence tomography.”

Selected Awards and Honors

  • Bruce Hasegawa Young Investigator Medical Imaging Science Award (2016)
  • Tracy Lynn Faber Memorial Award (2016)
  • NIH/NIA K01 Career Award (2015)
  • American Lung Association Senior Research Training Fellowship (2013)
  • Mitzi & William Blahd, MD, Pilot Research Grant (2013)
  • SNMMI CaIC Young Investigator Award (2013)
  • Academic Achievement Award (2010)
  • Merit Scholarship from Women in Science and Engineering, USC (2010)
  • Alfred E. Mann Innovation in Engineering Doctoral Fellowship (2009)
  • American Society of Engineers of Indian origin (ASEI) Scholarship Award (2006)

Selected Publications

  • Groll, A., Kim, K., Bhatia, H., Zhang, J.C., Wang, J.H., Shen, Z.M., Cai, L., Dutta, J., Li , Q., Meng, L.J. (2017) "Hybrid Pixel-Waveform (HPWF) Enabled CdTe Detectors for Small Animal Gamma-Ray Imaging Applications.", IEEE transactions on radiation and plasma medical sciences 1:1 pp. 3-14
  • Ying, J., Dutta, J., Guo, N., Xia, L., Sitek, A., Li, Q. (2016) "Gold classification of COPDGene cohort based on deep learning", ICASSP, IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing - Proceedings 2016-May: pp. 2474 - 2478
  • Ying, J., Dutta, J., Guo, N., Hu, C., Zhou, D., Sitek, A., Li , Q. (2016) "Classification of Exacerbation Frequency in the COPDGene Cohort Using Deep Learning with Deep Belief Networks.", IEEE journal of biomedical and health informatics
  • Dutta, J., Fakhri, G.E., Zhu, X., Li, Q. (2015) PET point spread function modeling and image deblurring using a PET/MRI joint entropy prior pp. 1423-1426
  • Dutta, J., Huang, C., Li , Q., El Fakhri, G. (2015) "Pulmonary imaging using respiratory motion compensated simultaneous PET/MR.", Medical physics 42:7 pp. 4227-40
  • Dutta, J., Leahy, R.M., Li , Q. (2013) "Non-local means denoising of dynamic PET images.", PloS one 8:12 pp. e81390
  • Dutta, J., Ahn, S., Li , Q. (2013) "Quantitative statistical methods for image quality assessment.", Theranostics 3:10 pp. 741-56
  • Dutta, J., Ahn, S., Li , C., Cherry, S.R., Leahy, R.M. (2012) "Joint L1 and total variation regularization for fluorescence molecular tomography.", Physics in medicine and biology 57:6 pp. 1459-76
  • Joshi, A.A., Chaudhari, A.J., Li , C., Dutta, J., Cherry, S.R., Shattuck, D.W., Toga, A.W., Leahy, R.M. (2010) "DigiWarp: a method for deformable mouse atlas warping to surface topographic data.", Physics in medicine and biology 55:20 pp. 6197-214
  • Dutta, J., Ahn, S., Joshi, A.A., Leahy, R.M. (2010) "Illumination pattern optimization for fluorescence tomography: theory and simulation studies.", Physics in medicine and biology 55:10 pp. 2961-82
  • Joshi, A.A., Chaudhari, A.J., Li , C., Shattuck, D.W., Dutta, J., Leahy, R.M., Toga, A.W. (2009) "POSTURE MATCHING AND ELASTIC REGISTRATION OF A MOUSE ATLAS TO SURFACE TOPOGRAPHY RANGE DATA.", Proceedings. IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging 2009: pp. 366-369
  • Dutta, J., Ahn, S., Joshi, A.A., Leahy, R.M. (2009) "Optimal Illumination Patterns for Fluorescence Tomography.", Proceedings. IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging 2009: pp. 1275-1278
  • Li , C., Mitchell, G.S., Dutta, J., Ahn, S., Leahy, R.M., Cherry, S.R. (2009) "A three-dimensional multispectral fluorescence optical tomography imaging system for small animals based on a conical mirror design.", Optics express 17:9 pp. 7571-85

Selected Intellectual Property

  • Patent - Dutta, J."Systems and methods for motion correction in positron emission tomography imaging," 9495771 United States

Selected Contracts, Fellowships, Grants and Sponsored Research

  • Tau quantitation in AD with high resolution MRI and PET (2015), Grant - NIH Career Award
    Dutta, J. (Principal)