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Benefits of pairing up with a mentee include:

  • Reengage with-or-strengthen your ties to the college
  • Become part of UMass Lowell’s emerging technology commercialization ecosystem
  • Receive the satisfaction of giving to the UMass Lowell engineering community
  • Make a difference in an engineer's life
  • Share your knowledge and experiences
  • Build and create new ideas, products and businesses
  • Gain exposure to new talent, technologies, thoughts, energy and ideas
  • Improve leadership, communication, coaching and mentoring skills
  • Receive invitations to training, events and dinners, as well as gain resources

Students will have the opportunity to talk and visit with professionals who were once in their shoes. They will have the chance to ask questions, observe the workplace, and learn about a specific company. The alumni mentor in turn may provide guidance, advice on course and field work, and an opportunity for students to network professionally, early in the game.

Ideally, the program will lead to a more engaged student and alumni population, as relationships are cultivated and sustained over the four years of school and beyond.

Finally, the program provides alumni an opportunity to highlight their company and recruit bright students early on - building a collaborative workforce pipeline with the university.