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Mentor Program

Are you people-oriented? A good motivator? Do you possess professional knowledge and skills?
Are you interested in assisting engineers with their new ventures?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, consider becoming a UMass Lowell Mentor.

Student-Alumni Mentorship Program

Our pilot Student-Alumni Mentorship Program aims to successfully re-engage alumni with the university, facilitate networking between students and alumni, and focus on key areas that can enhance the academic and professional development of our freshmen engineering students.

The College loses roughly 50% of freshmen engineers to other majors within the first year - for a variety of reasons. We aim to raise our retention and graduation levels by providing a crucial student support mechanism, via a community-based framework within the first year of school.

In addition to the Alumni-Student relationship, the College will offer additional services to our students such as personal and professional coaching, career workshops, resume and LinkedIn assistance - via collaborative efforts of the Dean's Office, Advising and Career Services.

The Mentor Program builds knowledge, fosters learning and grows startups through university research technologies and Francis College of Engineering student projects by engaging experienced professionals as mentors.