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SLICE Project Examples

Service-Learning Project Examples


Mentoring Program with Lowell High School

Course: 16.541 - Introduction to Biosensors
Semester: Spring 2007
Instructor: Xingwei Wang
Partner: Lowell High School (LHS)

During the Spring of ’07 HS students were once again paired with UML grad students to work on specific projects in the biosensors lab; the grad students work with the high school students in 3 projects and help them gain knowledge and interest in biosensors. The interest of the HS students has been great and they have even continued the cooperation with their mentors during the summer.

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Deployment and Monitoring of Real-Time Sensors for UMass Lowell

Course: 16.671 - Advanced Computer Architecture
Instructor: Yan Luo
Partner: UMass Lowell Campus Facility Management Team

The students of the Advanced Computer Architecture course installed a wireless sensor network and programmed the sensor nodes to monitor the hallway lighting—data that would later be analyzed statistically in an effort to propose a power saving program at UMass Lowell Campus.

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Mechanical Engineering Capstone

Course: 22.423 - Capstone - Syllabus
Instructor: John Duffy
Partner: Village Empowerment Peru Project, Kenya Village, and Assistive Technology

Within this capstone course, four separate student projects emerged: a motorcycle ambulance design for Peruvian remote villages, the design of lanterns and headlamp devices for the Village Empowerment Peru project, a page-turner assistive technology design for a child with disabilities, and a solar design for a chicken farm in Kenya.

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Design of a Cooler Pack Bottle for Transport of Medical and Biological Products in a Cooler

Course: 26.416 – Capstone Design II
Semester: Spring 2008
Instructor: Nick R. Schott
Partner: Triangle Inc.

The design of a blow mold for transport of medicines and bio-products using a blow molded bottle container was assigned to the two-member team. The mold was to be made with an insert so that two sizes of bottles could be molded. The plan would be that, once a mold has been built, it could be run on UML equipment.

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