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SLICE Project Examples

Service-Learning Project Examples


Geotextile Research

Course: 14.310- Engineering Materials
Semester: Fall 2008
Instructor: Sanjeev Manohar
Partner: American Textile History Museum (ATHM)

Civil Engineering students in 14.310 Engineering Materials course were asked to research and to produce an individual report on the History and Impact of Geotextiles. Since this course is aimed at the students majoring in Civil Engineering, this research was focused on the impact of Geotextiles in Civil Engineering applications, such as road pavement and construction.

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Lowell Green Roof Project

Course: 14.330- Soil Mechanics
Instructor: Pradeep U. Kurup
Partner: Merrimack River Watershed Council

The Merrimack River Watershed Council, Inc. (MRWC) in cooperation with other organizations and institutions proposed a green roof project for the roof of the Lowell National Historic Park Maintenance Shop. The students reviewed literature on green roofs, researched different plants to choose one suitable for the climate and determined the nutrient and composition requirements of the soil medium, among other tasks.

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Design of a Synthetic Drain Layer for a Green Roof

Course: 25.216 - Plastics Process Lab II
Instructor: Carol Barry
Partner: Merrimack River Watershed Council (MRWC)

The Plastics Process Lab II was given the task of developing designs for the plastic layer of a green roof by the Merrimack Valley Watershed Association. The students used their knowledge of basic manufacturing processes (such as extrusion, injection molding, thermoforming, and blow molding) in order to complete this project.

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Green Building Upgrades for North American Indian Coalition of Boston

Course: 22.504 - Energy Systems Design
Instructor: John Duffy
Partner: The North American Indian Coalition of Boston (NAICOB)

Students conducted an energy efficiency improvement analysis for the (NAICOB) to identify and suggest remedies for the least energy efficient components or areas of the NAICOB building. Students developed a thermal model, assessed energy reduction techniques such as passive solar and conducted simulations after data collection.

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Analysis of Googoplex Blocks

Course: 22.425 - Design Machine Elements
Instructor: Chris Niezrecki
Partner: Tsongas Industrial History Center

The Tsongas Industrial History Center approached some UMass Lowell students with a recurring failure in certain parts of a googolplex construction toy. The students conducted an analysis of first cycle stress levels based on displacements and material properties determined to address the failure problem and provided suggestions to extend useful life of the toy parts.

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Green building and solar designs for United Teen Equality Center (UTEC)

Course: 22.527 - Solar Systems
Instructor: John Duffy
Partner: United Teen Empowerment Center (UTEC)

Students analyzed existing structures and proposed structure’s compositions and assessed overall heat loss coefficients in order to investigate possibilities of alternative energy sources for UTEC’s recently purchased building and proposed additions.

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Green Building SLICE Training Modules

Course: 24.532 - Selected Topics in Energy
Instructor: John Duffy
Partner: SLICE Project

SLICE training modules were developed with the intention of integrating their use within SLICE efforts in order to create a good simulation of the building energy usage in order to predict the energy and cost savings associated with every added energy efficient measure that could be proposed.

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