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SLICE Project Examples "F"

Facilities/Terminal Building

Course: 14.352 Concrete Design, 14.555 Advanced Structural Design
Semester: Spring 2008
Instructor: Susan Faraji
Partner:University of Massachusetts Lowell – Civil Engineering Department

The Civil & Environmental Engineering Department is proposing a large-scale service-learning project that involves the development of a trolley service between the North, East, and South campuses by means of a trolley/pedestrian bridge crossing the Merrimack River. The proposal will also include for a facilities/terminal building to be located between the Costello Gym and the Pinanski Nuclear Reactor. In this class the project involved dealing with a small part of the design of the facilities/terminal building; the students were able to design one of the concrete support columns for the building: they determined the column’s size, the type, size and arrangement for reinforcement, and they also designed the footing.

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