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SLICE Project Examples

Service-Learning Project Examples


Design and Build small hydro turbines for the TIHC and UMass Lowell Francis College of Engineering Project

Course: 25.107 - Introduction to Engineering I
Semester: Spring 2009 – trailer section
Instructor: David Willis
Partner: Tsongas Industrial History Center

The students designed and built simple prototype of free current turbines for the Tsongas Industrial History Center (TIHC) teachers to used in demonstrations to middle school students.

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Community-Based Engineering Design Project III

Course: 25.400 – Community-Based Engineering Design Project III
Instructor: John Duffy
Partner: Lowell Historical National Park (LHNP)

Ongoing project developed by a student to meet the expressed needs of the LHNP. The student created a scale model for the LHNP.

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