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SLICE Project Examples

Service-Learning Project Examples


Bridge-Building Design Project

Course: 25.107 - Introduction to Engineering I
Instructor: David Kazmer
Partner: GEAR-UP

A case study was developed by the Engineering Ethics students in which they argued the physical, environmental, economic and ethical consequences of introducing nano-based products and technologies into developing countries.

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Jackson Street Mill Bridge

Course: 14.350 Structural Analysis, 14.452 Steel Design, 14.733 Masters Project in Civil Eng Lab
Semester: Spring 2007
Instructor: Susan Faraji
Partner: The Architectural Heritage Foundation (AHF)

The Jackson Street Mill Bridge was a covered pedestrian timber bow truss bridge spanning the Hamilton Canal between the mill and storehouse buildings on each side of the canal in Lowell, MA. In bad shape structurally, the bridge has been removed and is currently lying on the ground. The plan is to replace the bridge while maintaining its historic external appearance.

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Big Button Switch Construction

Course: 25.108 - Introduction to Engineering II (Electrical Engineering)
Instructor: Jay Weitzen, Alan Rux, and Senait Haileselassie
Partner: Various

Students from the Introduction to Electrical Engineering II class designed Big Button Switch devices that enabled clients to easily activate electronic devices with the touch of a hand or finger. These were also integrated into other student project designs.

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World’s Largest Book project

Course: 25.401 – Interdisciplinary Engineering Capstone Design
Semester: Spring 2007
Instructor: Jim Sherwood
Partner: Groton Dunstable Regional Middle School

The College of Engineering at the University of Massachusetts Lowell has come forth to help in the GDRMS dream to spread a positive message about peace to children around the world by creating a device that will turn the pages of the large book automatically in order for it to be displayed at the Boston Museum of Science.

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Embedded Control System for World Largest Book

Course: 16.317 - Microprocessor Systems Design I
Instructor: Yan Luo
Partner: North Chelmsford Life Links; Boston Museum of Science and Groton Dunstable Middle School

The aim of this S-L project was to design and implement an embedded control system for the World Largest Book project. The students learned about PIC microcontroller programming to control a bipolar stepper motor, which is an analogy to the page turner of the WLB. Through this S-L project, students were motivated to study the assembly language and the PIC microcontroller datasheet, and to apply their knowledge in the experiments.

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Design of a Control System for the World’s Largest Book project

Course: 16.409 Directed Studies
Semester: Fall 2007
Instructor: Yan Luo
Partner: Groton Dunstable Regional Middle School

This project was to design and implement a control system that would enable users to interact with the WLB through a computer. The student team implemented a preliminary design with a PIC microcontroller, a power supply, and an electromagnet, all of which would contribute to obtain the system’s status information and send control signals back to the WLB. The students designed the microcontroller to control the force of the electromagnet via a digital potentiometer. By the end of Spring 08, the students will have integrated the PIC microcontroller-based control circuitry and its associated software to a ¼ scale prototype of the WLB and will then deliver to the community partner.

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Big Button Mouse

Course: 25.108 Introduction to Engineering II (Electrical Engineering)
Semester: Spring 2008
Instructors: Jay Weitzen, Alan Rux, and Senait Haileselassie
Partners: Lifelinks, Nashua Center, Kennedy Day School, and Shore Educational Collaborative

The 130 students in this course took a basic PS-2 mouse and modified it to be able to have large buttons (about 3 inches in diameter) to allow severely handicapped students to left and right mouse click. .

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