Peru Project 2011

World’s Largest Book project

Course: 25.401 – Interdisciplinary Engineering Capstone Design
Semester: Spring 2007
Instructor: Jim Sherwood
Partner:Groton Dunstable Regional Middle School

Partnership Description: More than two years ago, the Bookmakers and Dreamers Club at the Groton Dunstable Regional Middle School, began working on a very exciting project. They want to bring an important message about peace to children around the world, and have set forth in making the largest book in the world on the subject of peace. They hope to break the Guinness Book of World Records and have the book displayed in museums and public places around the world for children to see. To do so, they have been sending letters to people all over the world and have asked them to give their thoughts and advice on peace. So far, they have sent more than 1,000 letters and have received answers from over 500 people from all walks of life. They intend to compile the letters into an anthology and make it into a giant book. UML personnel, including the Dean of Engineering, have attended various meetings and rally events at the middle school to support the project.

Project Description: World’s Largest Book project. The College of Engineering at the University of Massachusetts Lowell has come forth to help in the GDRMS dream to spread a positive message about peace to children around the world by creating a device that will turn the pages of the large book automatically in order for it to be displayed at the Boston Museum of Science. This semester four mechanical engineering students and two electrical engineering junior students met weekly to begin work on a half-scale prototype, 6 ft tall by 10 ft wide. A table-top model was first assembled and tested with children at the GDRMS. Ongoing work continues – the students have added a third EE to their team.