Peru Project 2011

Window Improvement Project

Course: 22.341 - Conduction & Radiation Heat Transfer
Semester: Spring 2008
Instructor: Hongwei Sun
Partner: UMASS Lowell Campus Facility Management Team

Partnership and Project Description: Students in this course partnered with Mark Lukitsch, UML Facilities Manager, to investigate real industrial problems such as analysis and design of heating systems for UML buildings. Within the context of this partnership, teams of students collaborated to evaluate heat transfer conditions in several UML building locations, and analyzed ways to optimize existing thermal systems. Radiation networks were examined and integrated into the s-l projects. The Analysis and Design of Heating Systems for UML Buildings projects provided students with a real world concrete example in which they were able to identify existing problems within the engineering system, analyze thermal performance and developed a potential solution.

Window Improvement Project: This project involved fifty-one students in redesigning the window system on the UML campus and proposing a new, improved window design. Students investigated energy saving strategies and practical application of heat transfer. However, in the window design project, students discovered that based on their analysis, a window replacement would not be cost effective. The objective of this project was to calculate the heat loss of the current window system of a building constructed during 1950, and to redesign the window system to minimize the annual heat loss in order to save money expended on heating over time. Through these s-l projects students became more familiar with the theory and application of steady state and transient heat conduction in solids; concepts and applications of Biot and Fourier numbers; principals of thermal radiation with application to heat exchange between black and non-black body surfaces; use of radiation networks (electrical network analogy); and surface radiation properties. The potential to implement student recommendations resulting from project analyses is subject to UML priorities and funding allocations in addition to the cost benefit analysis provided by the students.