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Project Examples

Water Tank Support System for the School in Raypa

Course: 26.211 – Mechanics (Statics)
Semester: Fall 2005
Instructor: Amad Tayebi
Partner: Peruvian Village of Raypa, Ancash

Partnership Description: The village of Raypa in the department of Ancash is part of the Village Empowerment Peru Project run by Professor John Duffy. The village identified the need for the school to have clean water all day, necessitating a raised tank on a support structure. John Duffy gave a presentation to the class, reviewed the reports, and supervised the implementation of one of the student designs built with the help of the village on the following trip to Peru in January 2006.

Partnership Description: Water Tank Support System for the School in Raypa. Raypa is a town located near Huarmey, Peru, at about 10 degrees south latitude. There are roughly 200 students between elementary and high school in two different sessions every day. One of the vital necessities in the school was water for different uses, such as hand washing that is obviously important for public health. For many years now this school has water flowing to it only for a couple of hours early in the morning from the town at a higher elevation. For extra credit, the students were asked to design and evaluate a tower upon which to place a 2500 liter polyethylene tank to store water so that the water would be available all the time. Three students chose to do the project.

Learning objectives met by the S-L project for students were to:

  • apply the theory and tools of the engineering statics course to an actual system with specified constraints
  • apply knowledge of force moments and static equilibrium to estimate forces in the support members
  • analyze a support structure for a water supply tank
  • communicate technical information using written form

Community objectives met by the S-L project:

  • analysis of the forces on a water tank and support structure
  • estimate of the minimum width at the bottom so that the tower will not blow over even in100 mph winds
  • written description with drawings of an optimized water tower design

Community needs met:

  • The tower was actually built by a local welder and installed by UML students in January 2006 in Raypa. The students in the school now have water during the entire school day.