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Project Examples

Solar Hot Water Batch Collector and Heater Design for a Village Biogas System

Course: 22.521 – Solar Fundamentals
Semester: Fall 2006
Instructor: John Duffy
Partner: Village Empowerment Project – Yanacaca, Peru

Solar Hot Water Batch Collector and Heater Design for a Village Biogas System. There are various types of solar water heating systems with the simplest being the passive batch or integral systems. These systems preheat water and do not require pumps or controls and hence are ideal for low-cost solar water heating systems. To keep the cost of these systems down, a student miniproject focused on the design and evaluation of performance for a batch water heater suitable for delivering 200 liters of water per day at over 35 degrees centigrade on a typical day in Raypa, Peru.

To confirm design suitability, the student performed two sets of performance calculations. The first calculation assessed performance of the design using two glazings of glass, and the second investigated the use of one glass glazing. Calculations included: solar angles, absorption/ transmittance factors, irradiation on collector, heat loss, performance factors, efficiency and a temperature profile. The student concluded that one glazing of glass was sufficient, provided the best performance and was suggested as most suitable for the application in Peru. Detailed fabrication and material requirements were also included in the student design report.