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Project Examples

Philosophical Analysis of the Diverse and Complex Ethical Issues confronting those Engaged in the Practice of Engineering

Course: 45.334 Engineering Ethics
Semester: Fall 2005
Instructor: Eugene Mellican
Partner: Village Empowerment Peru Project

This course undertook a philosophical analysis of the diverse and complex ethical issues confronting those engaged in the practice of engineering. This was accomplished through the study and application of some of the fundamental concepts and principles of traditional and contemporary ethical theories. The course addresses perplexing problems confronting society such as global competition and rapid changes. Students reflected together on the engineering profession today as presented in course materials as well as literature searches in order to develop different perspectives for reformulating a professional ethic for engineers in the face of changing realities.

Students carried out a comprehensive search of the literature on the emerging fields of nanotechnology, followed by an essay addressing a specific application of nanotechnology that has potential to meet an existing material or physical need of the Peruvian mountain villagers in contact with the Peru UML team or people living in similar conditions in other developing countries that are native to some of the students in the class (