Peru Project 2011

Outreach Activities from the Center for Green Chemistry Graduate Students and Staff

Course: 31.572 - Green Chemistry Colloquium
Semester: Spring 2006
Instructor: John Warner
Partners: Woodrow Wilson Elementary, Framingham, MA; Tahonto Regional School Middle/High School, Boylston, MA; Peabody Middle School, Peabody, MA; Waldorf High School, Belmont, MA; Tewksbury High School, Tewksbury, MA; Revolving Museum, Lowell, MA; Woodrow Wilson Elementary School, Framingham, MA; Lane School, Bedford, MA; Roots & Shoots New England Regional Youth Summit, MA Audubon, Lincoln, MA; Pollard School, Plaistow, NH; and Jackson Street Charter School, Lowell, MA

The Center for Green Chemistry students, faculty and staff from the Green Chemistry Colloquium regularly visited K-12 groups to teach them about green chemistry, perform experiments and just to talk to young students. These activities are part of John Warner’s vision to inspire kids to be interested in chemistry. The general public has a relatively negative view of chemistry and the members of the Center for Green Chemistry are working towards a more positive image! And, if possible to inspire a few more kids to enter the field of chemistry along the way, that will surely help our society! Outreach activities to the K-12 schools in the region and list of activities in the past semester are listed below:

DateSchool/VenueEstimate of Students/GradeActivities
May 31, 2006Woodrow Wilson
Elementary School Framingham, MA
Grades 3-7
Solar Cells
May 30, 2006Tahonto Regional
Middle/High School
Boylston, MA
84 (4x21 students)
7th grade
Solar Cells
May 26, 2006Peabody Middle School
Peabody, MA
108 (4x27students)
8th grade
Solar Cells
May 11, 2006Waldorf High School
Belmont, MA
Grades 10-11
Solar Cells
May 11, 2006Tewksbury High School
Tewksbury, MA
Grade 11-12
Solar Cells
April 22, 2006Revolving Museum
Lowell, MA
200 people all ages

Earth Day
Many things!

April 11, 2006Woodrow Wilson
Elementary School
Framingham, MA
Grades 5-7
Solar Cells
April 6-7, 2006Lane School
Bedford, MA
192 (4x24studentsx2days)
3rd grade
Solar Cells
April 1, 2006Roots & Shoots
New EnglandRegional Youth Summit
MA Audubon
Lincoln, MA
Grades 7-10
Solar Cells
March 16, 2006Pollard School
Plaistow, NH
Grades 1-2
Solar Cells
March 3, 2006Jackson Street Charter School
Lowell, MA
Grades 1-8