Peru Project 2011

Geotextile Research

Course: 14.310 Engineering Materials
Semester: Fall 2008
Instructor: Sanjeev Manohar
Partner:American Textile History Museum (ATHM)

Civil Engineering students in 14.310 Engineering Materials course were asked to research and to produce an individual report on the History and Impact of Geotextiles. Since this course is aimed at the students majoring in Civil Engineering, this research was focused on the impact of Geotextiles in Civil Engineering applications, such as road pavement and construction. This service learning project was mandatory for the course and counts as 10% of the overall grade.

Learning objectives met by S-L project were for students to:

  • learned about geotextiles and its applications overlapping with Material Science and Civil Engineering.
  • realized the importance of service learning to the community

Community objective met by the S-L project:

  • final reports on geotextile research on Civil Engineering applications submitted to the community partner.
  • ideas from the reports are to be displayed to middle school students in the upcoming exhibitions.