Peru Project 2011

Fresh Water Condensation - Solar through Plastic

Course: 26.348 - Heat Transfer
Semester: Spring 2006
Instructor: Jan “Jim” Huang
Partner: Developing Nations in Need of Fresh Water

Partnership Description: Many places in the world are in need of fresh water. Before actually implementing this method with one of UML’s existing international partners Jim Huang wanted to test it out with students of his Heat Transfer class.

Project Description: Fresh Water Condensation -Solar through Plastic. This course examines the theory and application of steady and transient heat conduction, convection, and radiation; and with has a particular emphasis on heat transfer in plastics processing and the analysis of heat exchangers. During spring 2006, all twenty-four juniors worked in teams to devise water condensation systems using solar devices of their own design. Calculations were made to determine if enough energy could be garnered to evaporate fresh water from the dirty water available. Although these condensation systems did not have a client, they will be presented to possible clients in the Peru Project, MDI, and other developing country organizations.