Peru Project 2011

Estimation of Benefit of Insulation for Heating Pipes

Course: 26.348 – Heat Transfer
Semester: Spring 2007
Instructor: Jan “Jim” Huang
Partner:The Mental Health Association of Greater Lowell

Project Description: Estimation of Benefit of Insulation for Heating Pipes.Students in the Heat Transfer course were presented with the challenge of estimating the insulation layers needed to be put on heating pipes in order to reduce and to even the room temperature, and to reduce the cost of heating. Professor Huang reported that the students were enthusiastic about the project and provided very professional presentations. In addition, the S-L component of the course provided the professor with a concrete project to further evaluate his students’ understanding of the heat transfer topic and application.

Learning objectives met by the S-L project for students were to:

  • Enhance ability to apply knowledge of math, science, and engineering
  • Improve ability to design a system, component or process to meet desired needs
  • Increase ability and capacity to function in multidisciplinary teams

Community objectives met by the S-L project:

  • Reports specifying the recommendation