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Project Examples

Design of a motoambulance for remote villages in Peru

Course: Capstone 22.423
Semester: Spring 2009
Instructor: John Duffy
Partner: Village Empowerment Inc, and health clinics in remote villages in Peru

In Peruvian villages there exist many primary and secondary roads that are not necessarily accessible by means of traditional transportation. The width and the roughness of these roads, in conjunction with the economic constraints of the Peruvian people, is the reason why this project was developed. During time of medical emergency, traveling up or down the steep hills near Huarmey and Casma, Peru, to the only hospital available, is an extremely lengthy and dangerous task. The only means of transportation for the Peruvian population in these mountains are the few motorcycles and few trucks that are often out of commission. Sometimes, motorcycles are used to transport these injured or sick people, but most times they get strapped to the driver, making it very hard for the person driving and very dangerous for the patient. By designing the motorcycle ambulance an injured party could be transported to a hospital safely and faster. Reducing the time it takes to reach the hospital can reduce the risk of further injuries.

The motoambulance was completed and underwent initial testing in the fall of 2009. Plans are to further test it and refine the design if needed. Plans are: it will then be shipped down to Peru, or its design will be duplicated, constructed, and tested in Huarmey.