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Project Examples

Design of a Sediment Filter System for Filling Water Bottles for Personal Consumption

Course: 26.218 Introduction to Design
Semester: Spring 2008
Instructor: Steve Orroth and Nick Schott
Partner: Village Empowerment Peru Project

The Village Empowerment Peru Project has been described above. Professor John Duffy and graduate students native to Peru made a presentation to the students at the beginning of the course. They were also available for consultation to faculty and students as the need arose. At least one design of headlamp casing was field tested in Peru in June.

This project was created as a complement to another service-learning project developed by various graduate students in which water bottles are being coated with TiO2 so that when the bottle is exposed to sunlight, it causes ultra violet rays to kill bacteria in the water. After this process, a filter is needed in order to filter out the sediment and coarse contaminants out of the water supply. For this, the students had to select products and materials that were low cost and readily available to the villagers in Peru – a working model of the filter system had to be built and demonstrated. And the students provided just that: they provided design plans, bill of materials to manufacture, a cost analysis, and a working model of the water filter system. This project met the course’s objectives, which include: introducing the students to the design process, show them how industrial design for manufacturing is practiced, to delineate the steps of specification, ideation, detailed design and manufacture for the product. The project also made the students use tools of CAD, material databases and knowledge of materials and processes to solve problems for the good of humanity.