Peru Project 2011

Design of a Cooler Pack Bottle for Transport of Medical and Biological Products in a Cooler

Course: 26.416 Capstone Design II
Semester: Spring 2008
Instructor: Nick R. Schott

UMass Lowell was contacted by Mr. Jim Kane of Employ+Ability Inc., 100-L Messina Dr., Braintree, MA 02184. Employ +Ability is an organization that tries to employ handicapped people in manufacturing so that they may lead productive lives. The company asked for assistance in the design of a plastic blow molded container used in picnic coolers to cool medicine and medical products during transport. UML was asked to design a bottle and perhaps continue the project in the future to take it all the way to manufacturing which could be done in house at UMass Lowell. The company has used a commercial product in the past to stock these shipping coolers. It felt that with the help of UMass Lowell it would be able to come up with a new bottle design and also would be able to get help in building a blow mold for manufacturing via the extrusion blow molding process.

The design of a blow mold for transport of medicines and bio-products using a blow molded bottle container was assigned to the two-member team. The mold was to be made with an insert so that two sizes of bottles could be molded. The plan would be that, once a mold has been built, it could be run on UML equipment. Parts would be then shipped to the company in Braintree where employees could then fill the bottles with the cooling fluid, assembly and seal the contents. The students were able to furnish a mold design to the company to see if they would invest the money to have a mold built. The professor reported that the project was: “A good project from a teaching point of view. This is a project that is relevant for both teaching as well as the expressed need by the company.”