Peru Project 2011

Design of a Control System for the World’s Largest Book project

Course: 16.409 Directed Studies
Semester: Fall 2007
Instructor: Yan Luo
Partner:Groton Dunstable Regional Middle School

This project was to design and implement a control system that would enable users to interact with the WLB through a computer. The student team implemented a preliminary design with a PIC microcontroller, a power supply, and an electromagnet, all of which would contribute to obtain the system’s status information and send control signals back to the WLB. The students designed the microcontroller to control the force of the electromagnet via a digital potentiometer. By the end of Spring 08, the students will have integrated the PIC microcontroller-based control circuitry and its associated software to a ¼ scale prototype of the WLB and will then deliver to the community partner.