Minor in Business Administration

What is it?

Why should I enroll in this?

  • Provides a competitive advantage when searching for employment 
  • Provides training which will likely lead to more rapid job advancement
  • Allows an easy transition into a later MBA programs - successful completion of this Business Minor will allow you to reduce the UMass Lowell MBA from 16 down to 10 courses (pending individual course approval by the Manning School of Business)

Courses For Engineers in the Minor in Business Administration

This Minor is offered by the Manning School of Business in conjunction with the College of Engineering.
For the latest course information please consult the UMass Lowell online Academic Catalog.

How do I enroll in this minor?

  • File a Declaration of Minor form with the Manning School of Business before registering for 300 level courses
  • Indicate your intention to pursue this Minor with your Engineering Faculty Advisor

Immediately after registering for the final courses which complete the minor, file an academic petition with the Office of Enrollment Services approved by the CoM.