Bridgette Budhlall

Bridgette Budhlall, Plastics Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Nanomanufacturing Center of Excellence, HEROES

Associate Professor
Ball 203B


Synthesis & applications of polymer colloids & soft matter towards stimuli-responsive materials. Emulsion polymers. Photoresist polymers for nanolithography, nanofluidic devices & microcapsules & hybrid nanoparticles for biomedical devices, drug delivery systems & biosensors.

Research Interest

Synthesis and characterization of functional nano-biocolloids:- vesicles, liposomes, colloidosomes, polymersomes and polymer hydrogel microcapsules for drug delivery. Biodegradable shape memory polymers. Anisotropic colloids for directed assembly. Antimicrobial self-healing coatings. Nanostructured polymer colloids for live cell imaging and protein tracking. Light-actuated liquid crystalline polymers.

Educational Background

B.Sc. Natural Science, (Hons) majoring in Analytical Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of the West-Indies. Trinidad.  1992.
Ph.D. Polymer Science and Engineering, Lehigh University. 2000


Dr. Bridgette M. Budhlall joined the Plastics Engineering faculty as an Assistant Professor in January 2007.  She was hired as part of the Nanomanufacturing Center of Excellence initiative.  Dr. Budhlall was most recently a Research Assistant Professor at North Carolina State University where she worked on developing smart materials for nanomedicine applications.  Dr. Budhlall also has eight (8) years experience working in industry, most recently at Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. where she worked in the synthesis of latexes for coatings and developed photoresist polymers and immersion fluids for microlithography applications.  

Dr. Budhlall is interested in the synthesis of nanostructured materials with controlled morphologies specifically designed to trigger and control motility and assembly with external stimuli. I find it important that my technology can be scaled-up and is of use in a variety of industrial applications ranging from biosensors, chemical sensors and nanofluidic devices, smart coatings and adhesives, drug delivery systems, cellular transport and analysis and biomedical devices.

Dr. Budhlall’s regular course offerings cover polymer science (junior level lab), nanoscale transport phenomena for manufacturing nanodevices (senior level course), new polymer materials, smart coatings and adhesives, surface science and colloidal nanoscience and nanoscale engineering (graduate level courses).