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Steven Grossman

Steven Grossman
Steven Grossman, Ph.D. Professor


Structure-property relationships of plastics, reactive processing of polymers, polyblends and additives, & new polymerization reactions. Intellectual property, focusing on U.S. patent law.

Research Interest

Structure-property relationships of plastics materials, reactive processing of polymeric materials, recycling of commercial polymers, polyblends and additives, and new polymerization reactions.

Educational Background

B.S., University of Connecticut (1976)

Ph.D., University of Massachusetts (1980) 
J. D. Franklin Pierce Law Center (1990)


Steven J. Grossman is a Full Professor in the Department of Plastics Engineering. Prof. Grossman joined the University in 1984, after several years in commercial polymer research. He has since offered courses in the area of polymer materials, polymer structure/property relationships, and introduction to intellectual property.