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Precision Injection Molding

The Nypro Precision Injection Molding Laboratory


Injection molding is the most widely used process for the manufacture of plastic parts. The Precision Injection Molding Laboratory at UMass Lowell is sponsored by the Nypro Corporation of Clinton, MA, one of the world's largest plastics manufacturing companies. The lab is located in Ball 114.

As time goes on, plastic parts are becoming more complex. As a result, there is a growing need for precision molding and process optimization equipment. This lab contains injection molding presses ranging from 3 ton to 100 ton. The presses are instrumented with state-of-the-art process monitoring and control systems. The department also has machine shop facilities in this room to repair and maintain injection molds.

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Injection Molding Machines:

  • Nissei 3 Ton Micro Injection Molding Machine
  • Arburg Allarounder 320 C
  • Arburg Allarounder 170-90-200 
  • Cincinnati Milacron T-100 
Process Monitoring & Control Equipment:
  • RJG eDART SystemTM 
  • Kistler CoMo Injection System