Plastics Engineering

Cooperative Education: A Dynamic Industrial-Educational Partnership

The Plastics Engineering Department is an enthusiastic champion of and leader in Cooperative Education at UMass Lowell. We believe that participating in co-op is instrumental in helping undergraduates to define their interests and future career paths. It advances their technical and business skills, increases their professional competence and confidence, and gives them a competitive edge in landing their first engineering position or gaining admission to graduate school.

With a newly redesigned curriculum that incorporates industry experience directly into the academic program, we strongly encourage students to join the more than 45 Plastics Engineering undergraduates who are currently participating in co-op. Depending upon interests and the industry opportunities, students can gain up to 12 months of valuable, hands-on, engineering-related experience in a diverse array of companies.

Students on co-op can expect to engage in challenging, meaningful work that contributes to organizations in three main and often intersecting areas: materials, processing, and research and design.


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Learn about the value of a co-op in Plastics Engineering!

Co-op Program Honors Outstanding Students.

Plastics Engineering major, Jared Peraner '12, blogged about his co-op experience at Teknor Apex in Burlington, Vt.

Why Participate in Co-op?:

  • Advance your technical and business skills. 
  • Learn how your academics connect to the real world. 
  • Significantly increase your marketability and build a great resume. 
  • Get paid and earn academic credit. 
  • Add value to an organization. 
  • Network with engineers and gain professional references. 
  • Accelerate your professional preparation. 
  • Work with industry partners—from across town to across the country.