Mechanical engineering student using unnamed equipment
John Duffy
John DuffyProfessor Emeritus
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    Francis College of Engineering
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    Mechanical Engineering
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Research Interests

Mechanical engineering, control systems science, solar engineering, environmental engineering, education, statistics and manufacturing systems

Solar/electric vehicles, fuzzy logic, neural networks, thermal efficiency of houses, photovoltaic systems and stochastic processes


  • MS: Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering, (1974), Illinois Institute of Technology - Chicago, IL
  • Other: Control Systems Science and Engineering, (1974), Washington University - St. Louis, MO
    Dissertation/Thesis Title: Identification of a nitrogen ecosystem.
  • BS: Mechanical Engineering and Philosophy-Theology, (1967), Christian Brothers College - Memphis,TN
    Supporting Area: Education


Duffy, D.Sc. has a strong corporate and academic background.? He has taught in the Mechanical Engineering Department at UML since 1983 and has had held senior management positions in a variety of solar energy and environmental companies.

Selected Publications

  • Willard-Schmoe, E., Duffy, J. (2014) "A solar desiccant dehumidification system: Design, construction and assessment," 43rd ASES National Solar Conference 2014, SOLAR 2014, Including the 39th National Passive Solar Conference and the 2nd Meeting of Young and Emerging Professionals in Renewable Energy 1: pp. 707 - 714
  • Thomas, W., Duffy, J. (2013) "Energy performance of net-zero and near net-zero energy homes in New England," Energy and Buildings 67: pp. 551-558
  • Willard-Schmoe, E., Duffy, J., Reynaud, E., Barrington, L. (2013) "Student experiences in service-learning: Engineering vs. sciences," ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, Conference Proceedings
  • Mass, W., Rothwell, W., Deng, Y., Duffy, J., Hart, G., Moss, P., Reynolds, J. (2003) "Needs Assessment for Training and Certification Within the Photovoltaic Industry," Citeseer

Selected Contracts, Fellowships, Grants and Sponsored Research

  • Building on Tradition: Indigenous Green Housing (2010), Grant -
    Duffy, J. (Principal)
  • Building on Tradition: Indigenous Green Housing (2010), Grant -
    Duffy, J. (Principal)
  • Low-Cost Solar/Wind Pumping for Irrigation and Livestock for Small Farming in the (2010), - U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE
    Duffy, J. (Principal)
  • Circles: Community and Industry Reaching Into Computer, Lab & Engineering Scienc (2009), Grant -
    Duffy, J. (Principal)
  • Village Empowerment (2009), Grant -
    Duffy, J. (Principal)
  • Low-Cost Solar Drip Irrigation for Small Farmers in Developing Countries (2009), Grant -
    Duffy, J. (Principal)
  • Public Service Grant Award (2009), Grant - University of Massachusetts Lowell
    Archibald, D.C., Duffy, J.
  • Engineering Service-Learning Faculty as Change Agents (2009), Grant - NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION
    Duffy, J. (Principal)
  • Solar Dahiwakud Service-Learning Project (2008), Grant - CORP FOR NATIONAL AND COMMUNITY SERVICE
    Duffy, J. (Principal)
  • Tohono O'odham Tribal College Solar Dahiwakud Service-Learning Project (2008), Grant -
    Duffy, J. (Principal)
  • Solar Water Purification Bottles with Dye Indicator for Developing Countries (2007), Grant -
    Duffy, J. (Principal)