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Mohammad Amin Javadi

Mohammad Javadi
Mohammad Amin Javadi, Ph.D. Director of Lawrence Lin Makerspace, Adjunct Faculty


Sensors used in navigational and positioning systems (LiDAR, GPS, IMU, Encoder), Discrete-event Simulation

Research Interests

Data/sensor fusion, analytics and simulation in manufacturing and automotive industries, and healthcare.


  • Ph.D.: Industrial Engineering, (2020), University of Texas at Arlington - Arlington, TX
    Dissertation Title: Robust, time-critical, evidence-based, adaptive data fusion
  • M.Sc.: Industrial Engineering, (2014), Islamic Azad University - Tehran, Iran
  • B.Sc.: Industrial Engineering, (2011), Shahid Beheshti University - Tehran, Iran

Selected Publications

  • Javadi, M.A., Banaei, M., "Application of Information Technology in Research Methods", Arshadan Press, 2021, ISBN. 978-622-275-984-1
  • Javadi, M.A., Huff, B., "Robust, Evidence-Based Data Fusion", 25th International Conference on Production Research Manufacturing Innovation: Cyber Physical Manufacturing, Procedia Manufacturing, 2019, Vol 39, pp. 1834-1843, ISSN 2351-9789,
  • Javadi, M.A., Noorossana, R., Sarfaraz, A.H., "A robust-tolerance design model for destructive quality characteristics-a case study in cement industry", International Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering, 2016, Vol. 23, No. 3, pp. 311-350, ISSN 1748-5045,
  • Javadi, M.A., Raissi, S., "Applying surrogate variables to deal with destructive characteristics for robustification using six sigma methodology", Journal of Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering, 2015, Vol.14, No. 3-4, pp. 1-10, ISSN 1339-2972,
  • Abdi, F., Javadi, M.A., "Organization Design", Islamic Azad University Press (South Tehran Branch), 2014, ISBN. 978-964-10-2695-2
  • Shalmani, S.B., Javadi, M.A., Torabian, A., "Expectations and perceptions of personnel service transportation based on weighted ServQual-a case study of Saipa Press Company", International Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering, 2014, Vol. 18, No. 4, pp. 467-482, ISSN 1748-5045,