The Department of Mechanical Engineering has five state-of-the-art laboratories for undergraduate teaching.

Mechanical Engineering Laboratory

This laboratory is primarily is used by juniors and seniors for courses ME Lab. I and ME lab. II  The laboratory contains a wide range of mechanical engineering experiments covering the fields of vibrations, stress, strain, fluid flow and heat transfer. 

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Students working in the ME laboratory.

Materials Testing Laboratory

This laboratory is used mainly by sophomore students in the engineering materials course (22.296).  This course contains much of the content of a traditional materials science course, but with a practical component where students test and measure typical engineering materials. The Materials Testing Lab is also used as a resource for the department's graduate research program.

Industrial Aerodynamics Laboratory

This laboratory features three wind tunnels, one of which is the second largest in New England. The laboratory is used by both undergraduate and graduate students, and is currently being used to test a proposal to use fabric canopies to protect mobile homes from hurricanes.

200 mph wind tunnel 2
The 200 mph wind tunnel.

Computer Aided Design Laboratory

This laboratory features state-of the-art pentium computers and the latest CAD packages, such as Solidworks and Pro-Engineer.

Machine Shop

This is used for both undergraduate teaching and research machining. Sophomore undergraduate students are required to take a course (22.202) in machine shop practice.  In in 22.321 Machine Design I students fabricate and test their design of a sophisticated linkage mechanism.  The Machine shop has 10 lathes and 4 machine milling machines.

MVC-292F    22321 linkage fabrication