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Mechanical engineering students using unnamed equipment

About Us

Find out what UMass Lowell Mechanical Engineering research is all about!

The Mechanical Engineering Department is currently the largest department in the Francis College of Engineering, and is poised for many more exciting changes, as well as continued success, in the years to come.

The Mechanical Engineering Department offers an extensive range of graduate and undergraduate programs. Our undergraduate program is ABET ( accredited.

There are approximately 850 undergraduate and over 100 graduate students enrolled in the Mechanical Engineering Department. The faculty is comprised of 30 full-time professors with distinguished academic, research and industrial backgrounds.


Mechanical Engineering faculty are award-winning researchers and dedicated academics with the highest level of commitment to providing their students with a quality education and rewarding experience at UMass Lowell.

Our Mechanical Engineering students have been demonstrating their outstanding abilities by participating in and winning national design and graduate competitions in the community.


We are committed to providing students with the highest-quality learning relevant to the needs of industry and society. Our undergraduate program is based on a Design-Build-Test methodology, where students spend time in the labs and Makerspace actually building and testing their theoretical designs.

The Mechanical Engineering Department has a history of producing graduates that immediately contribute to the workforce upon graduation.


Our location in the innovation and technology hub of the Merrimack Valley creates a unique opportunity for both students and faculty to collaborate with local industry leaders through research, the Co-Op Program, and more.

The Mechanical Engineering Department is also home to several well-established, internationally renowned research laboratories and centers.