Three women standing in front of a white board at engineering camp

Mass STEM Collaborative Inc.

The Mass STEM Collaborative Inc. is a statewide partnership to increase the number of engineers produced in the Commonwealth, led by former Dean of Engineering Krishna Vedula. It is a unique collaboration of leaders from businesses, schools and higher education institutions focused on meeting the Commonwealth's growing need for a workforce in the areas of science, engineering and technology. 


Our mission is to identify, assess and promote effective programs designed to dramatically increase student interest in, and preparation for, careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) and thereby help to maintain a highly competitive Massachusetts economy.

A critical part of our focus is on programs that increase the number of highly qualified teachers in math, science and technology and to provide them a professional environment. 

Accomplishing Our Mission

The  Mass STEM Collaborative Inc. will achieve its mission by seeking out, recognizing and promoting Best Practices focused on increasing the awareness of science, engineering careers, and on improving the math, science, engineering and technology education of K-16 students.

Coordination with state education reform efforts will be central to this mission.


The Mass STEM Collaborative Inc. is supported by over 300 individuals representing business, industry associations, the K-12 system, community colleges and higher education. 

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