Graduate Programs

Geoenvironmental Engineering Option

The solution of environmental problems related to soil and/or groundwater often requires knowledge of both Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering.  The Geoenvironmental program provides fundamental training in soil mechanics, groundwater hydrology, environmental chemistry and soil engineering.  Course work is offered in each area as well as in courses that combine disciplines generally required in the solution of complex site problems such as landfill design, remediation of hazardous waste sites, dewatering and soil improvement. 

Core Courses

14.531    Advanced Soil Mechanics 
14.536    Soil Engineering 
14.562    Physical and Chemical Hydrogeology 
14.567    Environmental Aquatic Chemistry 
14.595    Hazardous Waste Site Remediation 

Elective Courses 

(Optional core courses may be used as electives) 

14.527    Geotechnical Environmental Site Characterization 
14.529    Engineering with Geosynthetics 
14.530    Deep Foundations 
14.532    Theoretical Soil Mechanics 
14.533    Advanced Foundation Engineering 
14.534    Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering 
14.537    Experimental Soil Mechanics 
14.538    Soil Behavior 
14.561    Physical and Chemical Treatment Processes 
14.568    Environmental Fate and Transport 
14.573    Solid Waste Engineering 
14.575    Groundwater Modeling
14.576    GIS Applications in Civil & Environmental Engineering
18.581    Understanding the Massachusetts Contingency Plan

See the graduate catalog for more information and course descriptions.