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William Moeller

William Moeller
William Moeller Professor Emeritus


Environmental Engineering


PhD Environmental Engineering (University of Connecticut,1970)
MS Civil Engineering (University of Connecticut, 1965)
BS Civil Engineering (Villanova University, 1963).


Dr. Moeller joined the department in 1971 and retired to Professor Emeritus status in 2002. He continues to teach a number of graduate classes related to water resources and sanitary and environmental engineering.

Dr. Moeller has concentrated his teaching in the area of water resources, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. His research interests are related to regulatory development and application of technology to onsite wastewater treatment and disposal, and also to wetlands protection. In recent years, his interests have grown to include the application of appropriate technology for sustainable development of water and sanitation in so called "third world" locations.

In order to satisfy that interest, he has undertaken to develop an Initiative for Sustainable Infrastructure in Developing Nations at the university. One element of the program, a graduate certificate program is now in place and enrollments in it increasing.  And on the international front, associations are being developed with parties here and in other nations in order to implement critically needed ‘train-the-trainer’ programs and to establish a formalized association with an educational institution in one of the target countries for the purpose of promoting technology transfer.

Dr. Moeller has applied his interest in regulatory development by having been the author of numerous local bylaws and their associated regulations. He has also served as an expert witness for a variety of clients. The focus of the bylaw work and his service as an expert often related to the application of technology regarding onsite wastewater treatment and disposal and to wetlands regulation and control.