UMass Lowell Professor Pradeep Kurup working with  a male student in a lab coat.


What Alumni and Employers Say About UMass Lowell's CEE Program


The Civil & Environmental Engineering program at UMass Lowell has many satisfied alumni and employers. A recent Civil Engineering Alumni Survey found that 94% of respondents would recommend The University of Massachusetts Lowell to their siblings, family and friends and 96% of respondents felt they were as well or better trained than their colleagues from other universities.

In a recent Employer Survey, employers rated the performance of UMass Lowell graduates 3.57 out of a possible 4.0 and the academic preparation of UMass Lowell grads 3.48 also out of a possible 4.0.  Read the testimonials from alumni and employers below.


Alumni Testimonials

“The UML civil engineering program prepared me to excel in graduate school and beyond ... my professors encouraged me and sometimes pushed me to grow and become a better engineer.”
Jim Gagnon BS ‘93 (M.S. ‘96 R.P.I.), Project Engineer, Montgomery Watson environmental consultants, Boston.

“I got an excellent grounding in all aspects of civil engineering from professors who had a depth of knowledge, breadth of practice in real world settings, and best of all were eager to pass this knowledge on to students.”
Katy Weeks BS ‘97, MS ‘99 (B.A. Dartmouth College, MBA B.U.)

“The faculty guided me ... their constant encouragement and concern made them valuable role models and mentors. The hands-on education and experience gave me the necessary tools to develop my professional career.”
Mark Laquidara, BS ‘76, MS ‘78 (Ph.D. Northeastern University), Deputy Director, Process Control & Engineering, Massachusetts Water Resource Authority.

Associate Professor TzuYang Yu holding goggles and teaching

“The quality of education at UML is just as good, maybe better, than at higher priced institutions ... a dedicated, caring faculty and challenging, well thought out course offerings.”
JW ‘95 (M.S. UConn)

“I was a poor student. However, somehow the supportive faculty managed to reach me. I am proud to say I passed the FE (Fundamentals of Engineering licensing exam) in one attempt.”
-MMF ‘97

“Great Faculty”
AB ‘85

“Excellent program, comparable to MIT.”
JR ‘85

“Very good faculty and course work.”
MG ‘90

“Quality education”
MW ‘97

“I thought highly of the staff. I thought it was a great school and program. I’m proud to say I have a degree in Civil from UML.”
KF ‘97

A UMass Lowell faculty member and student working on horizontal and vertical bridge models.

Employer Testimonials

"We look to UMass Lowell every year for bachelor's and master's level engineers, and each year we add new graduates to our staff. We have been consistently pleased with the results, and are proud to say that UMass Lowell has helped GZA succeed in our business.
William Hadge, Principal, GZA GeoEnvironmental, Newton, Mass.

"In my experience,UMass Lowell CEE graduated compete favorably with graduates of any other institutions with respect to technical and problem-solving abilities."
John Fitzgerald, Regional Engineer, Mass. Dept. Environmental Protection

"I have been very pleased with the UML graduates I have hired to date, and would not hesitate to hire more in the future."
GW, Raytheon Technical Services