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Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering

Students participate in a in-depth comprehensive capstone design project for the solution of an environmental problem.


The first year of undergraduate study is devoted to developing writing skills and subjects in mathematics and science that serve as a foundation for upper level professional studies.

During the second year of study, students learn additional engineering mathematics, basic engineering mechanics and biology for engineers. Course work that addresses environmental engineering with an associated laboratory, and environmental engineering chemistry are introduced in the second-half of the sophomore year.

Junior year courses address topics such as: energy and sustainability, groundwater hydrogeology and remediation, and biological processes in environmental engineering.

The senior year focuses on: chemical fate and transport in the environment, air quality and solid waste engineering. Advanced elective courses are available during the senior year. In the final semester students participate in an in-depth comprehensive capstone design project for the solution of an environmental problem.

There are two majors in this department: Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering (academic catalog link). Read more about the majors in this curriculum description
Please visit the Academic Catalog for the Civil & Environmental Engineering degree requirements.

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Admissions Standards & Requirements

Note: If you are interested in studying Math, Science or Engineering, it is strongly recommended that you take four years of Math and Science. 

Why Study Environmental Engineering?

Girl in environmental engineering lab with water sample

A combined Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Master of Science in Engineering, B.S./M.S. program is also available for qualified undergraduate students. 

B.S./M.S. program

Water samples in environmental engineering lab

Students may also choose one of the following minors in business administration through the Manning School of Business.

Business Administration


The Master's program offers a co-op option. Apply your knowledge in new, authentic contexts.

Master of Science co-op option