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Dean WangAssociate Professor

Research Interests

Mathematical and Computational Methods Nuclear Reactor Modeling and Simulation Nuclear Reactor Systems and Safety

Selected Publications

  • Salko, R.K., Wang, D., Ren, K. (2016) "Implementation of the LAX-Wendroff Method in Cobra-TF for Solving Two-Phase Flow Transport Equations," Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States)
  • Wang, D. (2016) "A Coarse-Mesh Nonlinear Diffusion Acceleration Scheme with Local Refinement for Neutron Transport Calculations," American Nuclear Society ( ANS ) 115:
  • Wang, D., Mahaffy, J.H., Staudenmeier, J. (2015) "Solving Two-Phase Flow Transport Equations Using the Lax-Wendroff Scheme," Transactions of the American Nuclear Society 112:
  • Wang, D., Yoder, G.L., Pointer, D.W., Holcom, D.E. (2015) "Thermal hydraulics analysis of the Advanced High Temperature Reactor," Nuclear Engineering and Design 294: pp. 73–85
  • Ott, L., Robb, K., Wang, D. (2014) "Preliminary assessment of accident-tolerant fuels on LWR performance during normal operation and under DB and BDB accident conditions," Journal of Nuclear Materials 448:1 pp. 520–533
  • Terrani, K.A., Wang, D., Ott, L.J., Montgomery, R.O. (2014) "The effect of fuel thermal conductivity on the behavior of LWR cores during loss-of-coolant accidents," Journal of Nuclear Materials 448:1 pp. 512–519
  • Richard, J., Wang, D., Yoder, G., Carbajo, J., Williams, D., Forget, B., Forsberg, C. (2014) "Implementation of Liquid Salt Working Fluids Into TRACE," International Congress on Advances in Nuclear Power Plants
  • Wang, S., Zhang, Y., Guo, J., Lai, J., Wang, D., Le He, ., Qin, Y. (2014) "A study of relation between suspension behavior and microstructure and viscoelastic property of guar gum fracturing fluid," Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 124: pp. 432+
  • Yoder, Jr, G.L., Bopp, A.T., Holcomb, D.E., Pointer, W.D., Wang, D. (2014) "Advanced High Temperature Reactor Thermal Hydraulics Analysis and Salt Clean-up System Description," Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
  • Wang, D., Jain, P.K., Freels, J.D. (2013) "Application of COMSOL Pipe Flow Module to Develop a High Flux Isotope Reactor (HFIR) System Loop Model,"
  • Wang, D., Ade, B.J., Ward, A. (2013) "Cross Section Generation Guidelines for TRACE-PARCS," Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
  • Wang, D. (2012) "Reduce numerical diffusion in TRACE using the high-resolution numerical method ENO," Transactions of the American Nuclear Society 107:
  • Wang, D., Kazimi, M., Driscoll, M. (2003) "Optimization of a Heterogeneous Thorium-Uranium Core Design for Pressurized Water Reactors," MIT-NFC-TR-057
  • Wang, D. (2003) "Optimization of a seed and blanket thorium-uranium fuel cycle for pressurized water reactors," Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Wang, D., Driscoll, M., Kazimi, M., Pilat, E. (2002) "A Heterogeneous Th/U Core for Improved PWR and Spent Fuel Characteristics,"
  • Pilat, E., DRISCOLL, M., KAZIMI, M., Wang, D., TODOSOW, M., GALPERIN, A. (2002) "Optimization of Heterogeneous Fuel Designs for Utilization of Thorium to Enhance Proliferation Resistance and Reduce Waste," 43rd Ann. Meeting), Instit. of Nucl. Mater. Management, Orlando, Florida
  • Kazimi, M., Pilat, E., Driscoll, M., Xu, Z., Wang, D., Zhao, X. (2001) "Enhancing proliferation resistance in advanced light water reactor fuel cycles," International conference: back-end of the fuel cycle: from research to solutions, Global
  • Wang, D., Driscoll, M., Kazimi, M. (2000) "Design and Performance Assessment of a PWR Whole-Assembly Seed and Blanket Thorium Based Fuel Cycle," MIT-NFC-TR-026, MIT Nuclear Engineering Department