Chemical Engineering student working in lab.

CE Options

Associate Prof. Sukesh Aghara talking to two students somehwere inside the Nuclear Reactor.

The Department offers the chemical engineering student a traditional program as well as formal options in Biological Engineering, Nanomaterials Engineering, Nuclear Engineering and Paper Engineering and concentrations in Engineered Materials and Computer-Aided-Process Design and Controls. A student who wishes to obtain a minor in chemistry would have to take only one additional advanced chemistry course.

For the latest course information, please consult the UMass Lowell online Undergraduate Catalog.

Biological Engineering Option

The biological engineering option is designed to prepare the student for work in the bio-pharmaceutical or biotechnology industry. One technical elective is required.

Nanomaterials Engineering Option

The nanomaterials engineering option is designed to prepare the student to work in a materials related industry. One technical electives are required.

Nuclear Engineering Option

The nuclear engineering option consists of a sequence courses that are specifically designed to give a traditional chemical engineer concentrated training in a variety of nuclear technologies. The course selection integrates the key nuclear-related subjects usually taken as part of an undergraduate degree program in nuclear engineering. The sequence is designed to be taken during the junior and senior years. These courses satisfy the technical and chemical engineering elective requirements in the curriculum. One technical elective is required.

Paper Engineering Option

The Paper Engineering Option consists of courses that are designed to give chemical engineers training in the processing and testing of paper and paper-like materials in order to prepare them for work in the paper industry. The courses required for the option are to be selected from the areas of advanced chemistry, materials or materials characterization or environmental sciences. The choice of electives should be directed towards materials or processes that are used in the paper industry. Course selection must be approved by the Paper Engineering program coordinator.