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Associate Prof. Sukesh Aghara talking to two students somehwere inside the Nuclear Reactor.

NEET's objectives are the following:

  1. lectures on basic nuclear engineering topics including fundamentals of nuclear engineering, nuclear physics, radiation protection, reactor kinetics and dynamics, and reactor systems and safety,
  2. lectures on nuclear industry and commercial fundamentals including a broad view of economics, planning, competing technologies, and developing technologies 
  3. direct exposure to nuclear project engineering teams and how they work
  4. a mix of classroom/seminar time and site visits, tours, informational meetings
  5. meaningful exercises and problem solving to interpret/apply information
  6. reference materials and documents to provide a permanent reference
  7. functional competency in English to communicate technical information pertinent to the nuclear energy field and to interact with global nuclear energy partners
  8. potentially long term relationships with young engineers/consultants at CB&I and nuclear engineering students and faculty at UML leading to career pathways, collaborative research projects and joint degree programs in the future.