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Chemical Engineering student working in lab.

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Department Chairpersons & Program Coordinators

Department Chairperson  

Alfred A. Donatelli, Ph.D.  
Office: Perry Hall 310 
Phone: 978-934-3156  

Biological Engineering Program Coordinator

Carl W. Lawton, Ph.D.
Office: Perry Hall 108
Phone: 978-934-3158  

Chemical Engineering Graduate Program Coordinator

Zhiyong Gu, Ph.D. 
Office: Perry Hall 310  
Phone: 978-934-3540  

Paper Engineering Program Coordinator

John W. Walkinshaw, Ph.D.  
Office: Perry Hall 202
Phone: 978-934-3159

Energy Engineering Graduate Program
Nuclear Engineering Program Coordinator

Gilbert J. Brown, Ph.D.
Office: Perry Hall 220
Phone: 978-934-3166

Send All Correspondence to:
Department of Chemical Engineering 
University of Massachusetts Lowell 
Perry Hall, Room 310 
One University Avenue, Lowell MA 01854
Phone: 978-934-3171
Fax: 978-934-3047