Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering Industrial Advisory Board

The Chemical Engineering Industrial Advisory Board (ChEIAB) consists of highly dedicated individuals who are in leadership positions in their respective industries. The purpose of the ChEIAB is to provide continous feedback on the department's programs to ensure that our graduates receive excellent preparation for their professional careers. Meetings occur once each semester. 

Members of Chemical Engineering Industrial Advisory Board

Wentao Wang 
Control Systems Engineer 
Wyeth BioPharma

Donald C. Clark
Vice President, Global  Industry Marketing
Invensys Process Systems

Rick Couto
Chief Operating Officer
Innov-X Systems, Inc

Peter R. Cowley
Product Development Services, Inc.

Patrick Slattery 
Innovative Fabrication, Inc

Robert F. Konopacz
Global Head of Clinical Manufacturing
Novartis Pharma AG

Gary Mills
Senior Manager
Drug Product Development
Momenta Pharmaceutical, Inc.

Joseph Musiak
Associate Director
Global Automation
Biogen Idec, Inc

J. Michael O’Connell
Project Manager
Shaw Group

Michael H. Ossing
Engineering Support Manager
FPL, Seabrook Station

David L. Peters
Plant Manager, Composites
Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Corp.

Rick Pierro
Superior Controls Inc.

Steve Potter
Air Pollution Engineer
Bureau of Air Mngt.
State of Conn. Dept. Of Envir. Protection

David J. Schultz
Union Street Brand Packaging, LLC

Steven A. Schultz
Vice President
Program Management
Boston Scientific Corp.